Ground Effects and Body Kits by Duraflex, AIT and VIS

Ground Effects and Body Kits by Duraflex, AIT, V-Fiber, VIS

Ground Effects and Body Kits

  1. FR-S FT86 Front end conversion on JZA80 Supra
    June 29, 2014, 9:50 am

    The updated FR-S front end actually blends in with the body of the Supra somehow. A custom one-off car in Japan.

    scion-frs-front-end-on-supra-jza80_00 scion-frs-front-end-on-supra-jza80_01 scion-frs-front-end-on-supra-jza80_02 scion-frs-front-end-on-supra-jza80_03 scion-frs-front-end-on-supra-jza80_04 scion-frs-front-end-on-supra-jza80_05 scion-frs-front-end-on-supra-jza80_06 scion-frs-front-end-on-supra-jza80_07 scion-frs-front-end-on-supra-jza80_08 scion-frs-front-end-on-supra-jza80_09 scion-frs-front-end-on-supra-jza80_10 scion-frs-front-end-on-supra-jza80_11 scion-frs-front-end-on-supra-jza80_12 scion-frs-front-end-on-supra-jza80_13 scion-frs-front-end-on-supra-jza80_14 scion-frs-front-end-on-supra-jza80_15 carries the top brands in the body kit industry: Carbon Creations, Duraflex, Extreme Dimensions, V-Fiber and VegasAero available. We are also authorized distributors of authenitc Origin and Version Select drift and vip aero parts.
Local pickup available here in Las Vegas Nevada.